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New Song
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New Song Urban Ministries

New Song is a holistic approach to neighborhood development known as "church-based Christian community development (CCDA)." Initiated in 1988, we have grown to a staff of more than 80, mostly from the neighborhood, administering numerous programs. While our neighborhood, Sandtown-Winchester in West Baltimore, encompasses 72 square blocks, our concentration is a 15-block focus area in the north-central section of the community. Here we are eliminating all vacant houses and providing various programs and opportunities which foster empowerment.

Many different individuals - black and white, affluent and poor, urban and suburban - are working closely together to break down barriers across geography, race, class and culture and to rebuild the Sandtown community, presenting a model that shows incredible possibilities for hope and change.

While the work of New Song in revitalizing Sandtown has always been rooted in the partnership and work of neighborhood residents, New Song also depends on the partnership of volunteers, foundations, congregations, corporations, colleges and universities, civic groups and government entities including the City of Baltimore and the State of Maryland. These partnerships challenge us to evaluate progress, seek creative solutions and build effective organizations for the transformation of our community. Any effective community rebuilding effort requires a broad spectrum of partners. Because New Song has been blessed with so many gifted and committed partners, the future of our neighborhood is bright indeed!

New Song Community Church is the basis for all of the ministries under the New Song Urban Ministries umbrella.

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