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In order to address overwhelming drug addiction in the Sandtown-Winchester and Upton communities, Newborn Holistic Ministries, Inc. created and opened Martha's Place in 2000. Martha's Place is designed to address the lack of recovery programs for women overcoming addiction in the community and provides a structured 6-month transitional recovery program as well as a second long-term phase of independent housing. Since opening Martha's Place, additional efforts have resulted in the renovation of 2 additional buildings for Martha's Place use, conversion of 6 vacant lots into a meditative garden and green space, and the creation of two large community murals (all at our intersection of Pennsylvania Avenue and Presstman Street).

Newborn’s transitional house for women recovering from drug addiction is modeled after Samaritan Inns, a substance abuse program in Washington D.C. The residents and staff have greatly benefited from Samaritan’s 16 years of experience through an eight month consultation, training and evaluation partnership. This partnership has tremendously improved the effectiveness of Martha’s Place and helped more women successfully reclaim their lives from drugs and alcohol.

Article on Martha's Place in July 2008 issue of Urbanite Magazine - PDF

News Worthy - A Celebration and Dedication

On Saturday July 21 2007 at 11a.m., Newborn Holistic Ministries & Martha's Place dedicated 2 new buildings (that offer more independent long-term housing to women that complete our 6-month transitional program) as well as a new memorial mural and garden (to those whose lives have been lost in the community to drugs).


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